The LindaWilsonGroup is led by an award winning communications professional with the philosophy that communication is an art. Having built the model for a number of projects, our innovative strategies often set the standard by which other projects follow. We have a strong track record in community, business and public outreach, as well as corporate branding and corporate communications strategies. As Communication Specialists, our programs are creative, innovative and effectively promote project success. We have a thorough comprehension and working knowledge of federal, state and local government public involvement requirements for planning, environmental, engineering and design phases of major public projects. We have hosted, led and participated in countless agency partnering sessions, public involvement meetings, hearings, press and elected officials briefings and have gathered, documented, characterized and responded to extensive public input. Our firm has worked in various environments; urban, industrial, residential, rural, suburban, small communities and multi-cultural communities. As such we are able to step outside of using the typical “tool box” and find solutions appropriate to each situation.