The LindaWilsonGroup has a strong track record for strategizing, developing and managing projects that meet the needs of the audience and exceed client expectations. We have built the model for a number of projects, our innovative strategies often set the standard by which other projects follow.

Leadership – recognizing and responding to real needs of the local community 

From time-to-time what a project starts out to be is exactly what it should not be. Our team has the experience to see the difference, to recognize when a thought process isn’t working and has the strength to shift focus and redesign a program that fits like a glove. For example our team was hired to develop and execute a construction communications plan. Once having direct contact with the affected community, it was clear that project detours and construction updates weren’t a top priority, jobs for local residents and work for for small contractors was the most important element of the project. We were able to strategize with the community and come up with a workforce program and a small business development program that put locals to work, improving the local economy while developing local small and disadvantaged businesses. This recognition of the need to change outreach strategies was  rewarded by the Governor who presented the team with the Governor’s Star Award for most innovative outreach. This program has been requested by DOT’s throughout the country.

Leadership – Back-to-basics approach to help small and disadvantaged businesses realize project success

Small business is the backbone of this country. By helping a small business to be successful on one project we are helping them to be successful on all future projects. Small kernels of information that might be picked up at a workshop will be added to their tool box and will be applied to all future projects. We have developed numerous workshops and one-on-one sessions created to respond to specific needs. We have amassed a database of professionals that can be called on as subject experts for training sessions. 

Leadership – Going above and beyond to create programs with substance and measurable results

Mentor /Protege Program – Our team created a model mentor/protege program that stands out as a standard to be attained for public projects. This in-depth program has measurable results and has assisted several small businesses to grow in capacity. The program is designed to work with teams of primes and DBE’s of complimentary skills. This program is being implement throughout Colorado projects and in Los Angeles.

Leadership – Innovative programs exceeding the needs of low-income communities

Job Fair – In response to a major construction project in a low income neighborhood, we created an extensive bi-lingual job fair that attracted 300 job seekers from the nearby area. Partnering with elected local officials, police, neighborhood associations, service organizations, schools, churches and door-to-door notifications, the turn out was overwhelming. This program was cited by Mayor Michael Hancock as a model he would like to see implemented on other public projects.  

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